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CNN Anderson Cooper Net Worth and Background

Anderson Cooper Net Worth
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Anderson Cooper is a popular television journalist who has been associated with CNN since 2003. Many people are no doubt curious about the famous presenter who has been a trusted source of information.

Here we have compiled all there is to know about the famous CNN presenter for people who might be interested in his background and net worth.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth

Cooper gets the most income as a news anchor, which is not surprising. He is said to be making about $12 million annually for hosting Anderson Cooper 3600. But this is not the only show that he hosts. He appears on CNN Newsroom that airs twice daily. The exact salary from hosting several shows on CNN is unknown.

Apart from the large salary, Cooper’s net worth and income have also been increased due to his inheritance from his mother’s estate. He is the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt from his mother’s side. You may have heard the name Vanderbilt in your history class. He was a rich man during the 19th century who had built a railroad and shipping empire. The estimated wealth of Vanderbilt is thought to be about $185 billion in today’s money, which is about the same as Elon Musk who is the current richest man in the world.

Cooper had received about $1.5 million as an inheritance through her mother Gloria Vanderbilt. The amount may be relatively small as compared to the net worth of his grandfather but Cooper was surprised to even receive the sum as he wasn’t expecting anything.

The salary as a CNN correspondent, royalty from his book, and inheritance have allowed him to amass the over $200 million. Some conservative sources estimate his net worth to be about $100 million.

A more realistic figure is near $100 million as quoted by Yahoo! Finance in 2018. But the problem is celebrities have many different sources of income that are not disclosed to the public. It is also possible he had made good investments due to which a high net worth of $200 million may also be possible. However, Cooper is known for his sending habits and many believe that he is worth less than expected.

Regardless of Cooper’s net worth, it is safe to say that Cooper belongs to the A-category highest-paid journalist who might be enjoying all the great things that only money could buy. The CNN news anchor has achieved celebrity status among most American households. And he is paid handsomely by his network for his contributions.

The contract of the CNN presenter is stated to end in 2022. But he has made it clear that the 54 years news anchor has made it clear that he does not intend to retire anytime soon.

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Anderson Cooper Background

Anderson Cooper was born on June 2, 1967, in New York to a railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and writer and designer Wyatt Emory Cooper. He was exposed to the glamorous lifestyle of his mother from an early age meeting with Truman Capote and many other celebrities.

Tragedy struck in 1978 when he was 11 years old as his father died of a heart attack. Then ten years later his brother committed suicide. The events had spurred his interest in journalism as he said he wanted to find out why some people lived while others died.

Before becoming a news anchor, Cooper had worked as a model for Macy’s, Calvin Klein, as well as Ralph Lauren between the ages of 10 and 13. He went to Yale University where he studied International Relations and Political Science. During college, he had interned for two summers at the CIA.

Cooper graduated from Yale in 1989 with a BA in political science. He started his career with Channel One where he was employed as a fact-checker. But soon he landed a role as a correspondent for the news channel after he impressed his executives with his home-made video footage of events in Southeast Asia and Africa.

ABC News in 1995 hired Cooper as a news correspondent and also the co-host of World News Now. But he felt tired of the grueling schedule and left the show to become the host of a reality show on ABC called the Mole in the year 2000. Cooper felt compelled to return to the news and applied for a correspondent post in CNN. The news channel hired him as a correspondent in 2001 and made him the host of the news program Anderson Cooper 360 in 2003.

Cooper has worked hard over the years to make himself a household name in the US. His reporting on events such as Hurricane Katrina, Boston Marathon Bombing, the death of Pope John Paul II, and the recent elections has attracted praise.

In 2006, Cooper started collaborating with CBS’s 60 minutes. He has contributed to the show by reporting on topics such as the rape in Congo, the drug war in Mexico, and the conditions of the coral reefs. He has been hosting New Year’s Eve Live special since 2002 with co-host Andy Cohen joining him in 2017.

Cooper had also a fair bit of failure in his career. He had debuted with a talk show, Anderson Live in September 2011. But the show was canceled two years later as it was not a hit among the viewers.

Overall, Cooper’s journalistic career has been a phenomenal success. He is committed to his profession and cares deeply about bringing the truth to the public. His journalistic output has earned him various accolades over the years including several Emmy Awards. He has won the GLAAD Media Award, Edward R. Murrow Award, Peabody and National Headliner Awards, and many others for his high-quality coverage of various events.

Cooper has also found success in writing. His 2006 memoir, Dispatches from the Edge, which explained his experiences in covering wars had become a NY Times bestseller. The book detailed his life and work in Iraq, Sri Lanka, and parts of Africa. He has also written a book titled, The Rainbow Comes and Goes published by Harper Perennial in 2016.