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12 months lived under the shock of Pandemic

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It has 44 five have in common that they are active readers of this newspaper, people who during this coronavirus year have shared their experiences in letters that they have sent to the newspaper. Their testimonies articulate the same story: that of 12 months lived under the ‘shock’ of the pandemic.

The change was for everyone, but the place where it landed first and most strongly was in hospitals. When seeing the announcement of the state of alarm on television, the nurse of the Sagrat Cor María Jesús Esteve thought that things would not change much at the hospital, and that the covid would be a disease that would affect older people, and in any case not many .

His name was Javier, he was 80 years old, he was deaf and blind and he had been infected,And in the midst of the chaos that existed in those days in the old people’s homes, he had been taken from his home by ambulance to the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu.

The man did not know what was happening, because someone like him only has one way to communicate, through touch. “They put their hands on the hands of whoever is making signs to understand the message,” Campmany explained in his letter. It was assumed that Javier would be distraught and bewildered. Lost. He wouldn’t even know he was in a hospital. Someone had to go urgently to explain what was happening.

By that time, mid-April, Yolanda Rodríguez felt that she couldn’t stop crying. “I cried about everything, I cried all the time,” he recalls. Partner who owns the Nick Nightclub, she had had to close down and lay hold of the erte for the employees, seven in all.

But no one had collected until then. Located in a basement on Avenida de Madrid, the Nick probably already looked like it does today: the chairs without diners, the tables without drinks, the karaoke microphones without singers. And an inevitable halo of decadence.

A familiar landscape for all night club owners. Yolanda could use her savings, but others could not. One of the waitresses showed up one day and told him that she had no money to eat.Another day, one of the porters, who did not have to pay for electricity.