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100% Telecommute in the Systems Of Team

Javier was discharged from the hospital in mid-May. Two months later, Alba accompanied him again for the post-covid review. “It was very good,” he recalls.

The doctor said it was a miracle that he was so recovered, considering his age. ” The experience was so instructive that it inspired the association to create a guide for healthcare professionals on how to treat a covid patient with deafblindness, a guide that the Spanish federation collects today.

Javier returned to his residence and is fine. Alba is still in the association, working for an invisible group of which there is not even an established census.

In Jesús Oliván’s new company, they telecommute 100%, but the systems team meets once a week on their own initiative; to see the faces, or at least the eyes behind the masks.

“Telecommuting all the time is not quite efficient and good Socialization is necessary, otherwise it generates bad dynamics at the team level and at the individual level.

At least that has been my experience ”. It is one of the teachings of the pandemic. Locked up in their homes, there are millions of workers missing the coffee break.

Núria Rosales hasn’t thought about jewelry for days. He is not the kind of person who looks back. “If you ask me where I see myself in a year, I see myself working as a socio-sanitary in a mental health center.” She believes that the pandemic has exposed “obsolete issues of social care”, and that things are going to change, and that fills her with optimism. “But I also see myself expressing all this that has happened to me through art,” he adds.

Yolanda Rodríguez says that she no longer cries. He is thinking of distributing the beers he keeps in the warehouse among the neighbors . You don’t really know what will happen. Smile without optimism It has been a tough year Above all, a different year and difficult to forget.