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100% School Enrollment Starts For 2021-2022 Academic Year In Catalonia

100% school pre-enrollment begins for the 2021-2022 academic year in Catalonia.

From this Monday and March 24, the nursery school will be playing, and from March 17 to 24, secondary school students

The pre – registration for the course 2021-2022 school begins Monday and it does so fully telematics . Thus, between this Monday and March 24, you will have to pre-enroll in second cycle and primary infant education; and from March 17 to 24, high school students will have to do it.

The procedure can be done through any mobile device and families who have an impediment to do so can go to educational centers or municipal schooling offices. The offer for the next course is 40,997 groups for infant, primary and ESO. 3,241 fewer students are expected at P3 and, for the first time, there will be a reduction to the first year of ESO, with 2,579 fewer students.

Information for school enrollment for a family, at the Trinitat school institute, in May of last year

The Department of Education has promoted the preinscripcio.gencat.cat portal where families can find all the information to complete the process. Once the pre-registration has been made and as of April 19, the application will be able to be followed up and in June it will be possible to know the place finally obtained.

Among the criteria to determine the score is that of having siblings who are studying at the center or that the father, mother or legal guardian works, which give 40 points. 30 are obtained when the family’s habitual residence is within the educational zoneof the school that is requested in the first place, 20 if it is the workplace of the father, mother or guardian that is within the area and 10 when the family home is within the same municipality, but not within the educational area of the center that was chosen first.

In Barcelona, ​​when the address is located in the same municipal district as the center chosen in the first place, but outside the educational zone, 15 points are added. On the other hand, there are also 10 points if the guaranteed citizenship income is received or if a family member has a disability.