Due To Strike In Wide City, Protesters Stopped Hong Kong

Due To Strike In Wide City, Protesters Stopped Hong Kong

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have launched an uncommon citywide strike, crippling components of the town because the semi-autonomous territory’s Chief Govt Carrie Lam warned on Monday of the “harmful path” the demonstrations are heading.

At the least eight railway lines, including the airport express, had been shut totally or partly. A number of protesters had been seen blocking entrances to the commuter trains, sometimes resulting in fighting with different passengers rushing to their locations.

An estimated 200 flights have been additionally canceled on Monday, and only considered one of two runways in the city’s main airport is operating. Media reports blamed it on aviation staff becoming a member of the strike.

It was previously reported that a minimum of 14,000 folks from more than 20 sectors have dedicated to the strike, based on organizers – many hiding behind masks for fear of reprisal.

Individuals additionally indicated their plans online to either strike or phone in sick on Monday – from civil servants and social employees to flight attendants, pilots, bus drivers and even workers of the town’s Disneyland.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas, reporting from Hong Kong, mentioned that most of the streets in the city are left empty.

“It is a city where there’s very little, it feels anyway, financial activity happening in the meanwhile.”

In a press conference on Monday morning, Lam mentioned the protests “challenge ‘one nation, two systems’ and threaten Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.”

“The federal government will likely be resolute in maintaining law and order of Hong Kong and restoring confidence.”

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