Near The US Military Base, In A Desert Settlement In Syria, Many Are Trapped

Near The US Military Base, In A Desert Settlement In Syria, Many Are Trapped

Shukri Shehab and his spouse haven’t slept in two nights. Their three-week-old granddaughter is not going to cease crying. She wants easy drugs for bloating, Shehab says, however, it’s practically inconceivable for them to search out.

Shehab lives in Rukban, an unofficial settlement for Syria’s removed people in a US-protected zone in southern Syria, almost 10 miles away from an American army base. Shehab has been speaking with CNN during the last four months.

For more than 1,200 days, Shehab states he and his family have lived in this cluster of shelters sprinkled alongside a stretch of desert on the Syrian-Jordanian border. Activists dubbed it the “Triangle of Death.” The United Nations are known as conditions “desperate,” “catastrophic,” and “no place for a child.”

For years, the removed in Rukban have been at the charity of proxy powers and political players, leaving them with sporadic access to humanitarian help and no secure way home. And for the previous five months, the Syrian authorities have blocked humanitarian access to the encampment through its territories.

“No side is taking responsibility for these folks,” says Aron Lund, a Syria expert, and a fellow on the Century Foundation, a non-partisan think tank.

A State Department official informs CNN the US is “pursuing each possible avenue to ship aid to Rukban.” However, so far, Washington has not directly supplied aid to the tens of thousands stuck within the settlement, despite the fact that the US has protected the area since 2016.

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