After The Lunar Exploration, Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Had Bizarre Meal

After The Lunar Exploration, Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Had Bizarre Meal

On 20 July 1969, NASA successfully landed their Apollo 11 mission on the lunar surface, with Neil Armstrong moving out of the lunar module Eagle first. Minutes later, his colleague Aldrin joined him, and the pair accomplished their duties, collecting rock samples and broadcasting every part back to Earth on TV. After two-and-a-half hours, they returned to the lunar lander, ready for their seven-hour sleep, before they have been scheduled to launch back to Michael Collins who was ready in orbit on the Columbia space ship.

It was revealed during James Donovan’s new book “Shoot For The Moon” the events that unfolded after essentially the most memorable minutes.

Mr. Donovan writes: “Aldrin clambered up to the porch and went through the hatch. “After shutting up the cameras and two airtight rock boxes, Armstrong followed him. “11 minutes after midnight, he closed and secured the hatch.

“They pressurized the cabin and stowed the moon rocks – forty-eight kilos of them – then depressurized, reopened the hatch, and tossed every little thing out they would not need again.

“For what they hoped could be the last time, they secured the hatch and repressurized.”

However, before it was time for some shut-eye, they loved one more meal together.

He added: “Then it was dinner time – cocktail sausages and fruit punch – followed by bedtime.

“The lunar module was designed for a lot of things. However, sleeping wasn’t considered one of them.

“The two astronauts kept their helmets on to keep away from breathing in the Moondust, which appeared to be everywhere.”

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