A Man Was Wanted By Swiss For Pushing Boy Under German Train

A Man Was Wanted By Swiss For Pushing Boy Under German Train

A  40 year old Eritrean refugee arrested of killing an 8-year-old boy by pushing him under a train in Frankfurt was wanted by police in Switzerland, the place he was being treated for psychological issues, authorities stated on Tuesday.

In Monday’s incident, which horrified Germany, the person first pushed the boy’s mom onto the track however she rolled away. He then shoved the boy under an oncoming train before making an attempt to push a 78-year-old lady, who fell over on the platform, Germany’s federal police chief Dieter Romann stated.

On Thursday, he had additionally brandished a knife at a female neighbor in Switzerland and threatened to kill her, before fleeing, Romann mentioned.

In Zurich, cantonal police officer Bruno Keller stated an investigation had uncovered “no proof of radicalization or ideological motive” for the person’s actions.

Romann recognized the man as “A.,” in keeping with German police practice of not releasing suspects’ full names.

Police caught him as he tried to escape Frankfurt station. Prosecutors in the city have applied for a proper warrant to arrest him on one charge of murder and two of attempted murder, state prosecutor Nadja Niesen mentioned.

If convicted, he would face a life sentence.

“There is no such thing as an indication that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” Niesen informed reporters.

The person, who has three kids, arrived in Switzerland in 2006, was granted asylum there in 2008 and had integrated well, Romann stated.

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