In Every Week, Almost 8 To 10 Million Players Are There In Apex Legends

In Every Week, Almost 8 To 10 Million Players Are There In Apex Legends

Apex Legends might not have the 50 million month-to-month gamers that it launched with back in March. However, it still has huge viewers. During a conference call with buyers, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that the battle royale shooter has 8 million-to-10 million weekly gamers.

It’s tough to match that to different video games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds because that information just isn’t publicly available. Regardless, Apex has an enormous variety of recurring followers displaying up across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It additionally provides EA and developer Respawn Entertainment a whole lot of potential to generate income from the free-to-play game. And the publisher made it clear that it intends to do exactly that. Respawn simply launched Season 2 for Apex Legends in early July. It features improved development to encourage more gamers to spend money. Now, EA is already speaking about what’s next. EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson confirmed Respawn is engaged on Season 3. And it’s “even bigger” than Season 2.

EA chief financial and working officer Blake Jorgensen instructed an analyst that Apex Legends will proceed operations for the next 10 years — maybe even longer. That’s not out of the ordinary for publishers like EA. It has had Star Wars: The Old Republic running for seven years already, for example.

However, the writer can be indicating that it has a variety of faith in each Respawn and the Apex Legends brand.

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