This Week, The U.S. Will Be Covered By Heat Wave

This Week, The U.S. Will Be Covered By Heat Wave

The dangerously scorching climate is hitting a lot of the U.S. this week, the National Weather Service says. Temperatures are anticipated to soar throughout the Central and Eastern United States. The heatwave is overlaying the Central Plains from Eastern Colorado into Kansas and increasing up to the Great Lakes. By Saturday it should blanket much of the East Coast from Virginia up through New York City, where temperatures are anticipated to reach or be near to 100 degrees.

Gentry Trotter is a founder of Cool Down St. Louis, a nonprofit group in St. Louis, Mo., which supports low-income families with their utility bills and donates air conditioners to people who find themselves elderly or have physical disabilities.

Trotter tells NPR, “It has been very hectic. It has been blazing hot. What we’re frightened about now is making sure that folks, particularly seniors and the physically disabled, stay hydrated. That they’ve got a place to be cool.”

Meteorologists state a high-pressure heat dome will trap summer season heat throughout a lot of the nation, smashing data. Richard Bann, along with National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center, informs NPR the dome will deflect weather patterns around its periphery. “International disturbances will not penetrate [the heat dome],” Bann says. “They may simply move around this large dome of heat. We get maybe a couple of showers and possibly a couple of thunderstorms at the core of this, however, it’s mainly part of the atmosphere the place it is warmest at the center of this dome.”

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