Dad Threw His Son Into The Ocean To Teach Him Swimming In Florida

Dad Threw His Son Into The Ocean To Teach Him Swimming In Florida

A drunk Florida man tried “instructing” his 5-year-old son how one can swim by allegedly tossing him into the Atlantic Ocean — after which proceeded to do backflips off a nearby pier because the boy struggled to stay afloat, cops mentioned.

Upon being arrested, John Bloodsworth — a 37-year-old from Daytona Beach — reportedly claimed he was “going to jail for being awesome.” Local officers informed. The Daytona Beach News-Journal that no lifeguards had been on duty at the time and there was a moderate risk of rip currents. Swimming within the area where Bloodsworth was goofing off had been prohibited as a result of its close proximity to the pier, the officers stated. Bloodsworth, however, informed cops that he “couldn’t think of a better place to teach his son to swim,” based on the News-Journal.

He had been with the boy on Monday evening, drinking beers, when witnesses noticed them both go into the water. Bloodsworth later claimed that he was not endangering his little one by “teaching him to swim.” The boy was reportedly crying when cops plucked him from the water. Authorities wound up turning him over.

to his mom. Bloodsworth was charged with aggravated abuse of a child resulting in physical/mental injuries, disorderly intoxication, and swimming inside 300 feet of the pier. He was reportedly released from jail after posting $1,500 bail.

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