Scientist Have The Reason For Why Alzheimer Affects Women More Than Men

Scientist Have The Reason For Why Alzheimer Affects Women More Than Men

New analysis provides some biological clues to why ladies could also be more likely than men to develop Alzheimer’s disease and the way this most common type of dementia varies by sex.

At the Alzheimer’s Assn. International Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, scientists provided proof that the disease could spread in another way within the brains of women than in men. Different researchers confirmed that a number of newly identified genes might play a role in the danger disparity.

Two-thirds of Alzheimer’s cases within the U.S. are in ladies, and “it’s not simply because we live longer,” mentioned Maria Carrillo, the association’s chief science officer. There’s additionally “a biological underpinning” for sex differences within the disease, she stated.

Earlier research have recommended that at any age, ladies are more likely than men to develop Alzheimer’s. Scientists also know that a gene variant known as APOE-e4 appears to boost danger more for ladies than for men in certain age groups.

As well as, ladies within the early stages of the disease could go undiagnosed as a result of they have a tendency to do better on verbal tests than men, which masks Alzheimer’s damage.

The new research adds more proof — and potential explanations — for suspected variations between how women and men develop the disease.

Vanderbilt University researchers discovered variations in how tau, a protein that destroys nerve cells, spreads within the brains of ladies in comparison with men. Using scans on 301 people with regular thinking skills and 161 others with mild impairment, they mapped where tau was deposited and correlated it with nerve networks — highways that brain signals follow.

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