For Chrome, Google Is Checking A PlayPause Button On Global Video

For Chrome, Google Is Checking A Play/Pause Button On Global Video

Google may quickly add a play/pause button to its Chrome browser that might make it attainable to pause or play video from any tab. The latest launch of Chrome’s Canary development version has a brand new function known as Global Media Controls, as seen by Techdows, ZDNet, and others. As soon as enabled, a play icon will appear next to the URL (besides the bookmark star) when you’ve got a video playing in any tab. By clicking on it, a more prominent control pops up that allows you to pause, play, or skip forward/backward without really going to the video itself.

The function might be significantly handy for stopping any annoying auto-play videos, or controlling a YouTube video when you change to a different tab. It could even be a welcome change, contemplating Google recently eliminated the ability to mute tabs by clicking on the speaker icon, although you possibly can still proper-click on a tab to permanently mute a web site. Global Media Controls are extra versatile, although, significantly for rabid YouTube watchers, and you will not have to chase down any offending auto-play tabs.

After playing with the function for a short time, I discovered that it might control each audio and video, however not on all websites (it did not work with Engadget, for example). On top of that, the function was extraordinarily buggy, crashing just about constantly after I tried to make use of it.

However, it is still in early testing, and if Google chooses to bake it into the main browser, it’s going to no doubt work seamlessly.

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