After The Officers Were Asked To Leave The Arizona Store, Starbucks Had To Apologize

After The Officers Were Asked To Leave The Arizona Store, Starbucks Had To Apologize

Starbucks is arising another public apology more than a year after officers arrested two black men in a Philadelphia store.

This time, although, the coffee giant is apologizing to officers with the Tempe Police Department in Arizona.

In an announcement on Friday, the Tempe Officers Association stated six officers walked right into a Starbucks to enjoy some coffee on July 4. The group was addressed by a barista who informed the officers that a buyer “didn’t really feel secure” due to their presence.

“The barista requested the officers to move out of the shopper’s line of sight or to go away,” the affiliation stated. The officers, in the end, left the shop “dissatisfied.”

“This treatment of public safety workers couldn’t be more disheartening. Whereas the barista was well mannered, making such a request in any respect was offensive,” the assertion read. “Sadly, such treatment has to turn out to be all too common in 2019.”

Hours earlier than releasing that assertion, the affiliation launched an altered Starbucks graphic with a hand pouring out coffee reading “Dump Starbucks.” The graphic additionally led to the hashtag #DumpStarbucks on social media.

“Many of these officers requested to leave are veterans who fought for this nation. Zero Respect…” the submit learn.

Rossann Williams, Starbucks executive vice chairman and president of US retail, published a statement on late Saturday, saying the corporate had met with the police chief.

“When these officers entered the shop, and a buyer raised concern over their presence, they need to have been greeted and handled with dignity and respect by our companions (employees). Instead, they had been made to really feel unwelcome and disrespected, which is totally unacceptable,” Williams’ statement read.

Williams stated the company has a “deep appreciation” for the Tempe department and the officers who serve that group.

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