Against The Repression, Jeremy Hunt Warns China

Against The Repression, Jeremy Hunt Warns China

A group of activists seized Hong Kong’s parliament on Monday over a contentious extradition bill.

Jeremy Hunt said the BBC he “condemned all violence” but warned the Chinese government not to reply “by repression”.

It comes after China warned the UK┬ánot to “interfere in its domestic affairs”.

Mr. Hunt stated the UK would not just “gulp and move on” if China cracks down on protesters.

He repeated that China must honor Hong Kong’s high level of freedom from Beijing.

“The heart of people’s interests has been that very precious thing that Hong Kong has had, which is an independent judicial system,” Mr. Hunt told Radio 4’s Today program.

“The United Kingdom views this situation very, very seriously,” he replied.

China’s ambassador was recalled to the Foreign Office on Wednesday following “unacceptable and inaccurate” statements.

Liu Xiaoming told relations between China and the UK had been “damaged” by comments by Mr. Hunt and others backing the demonstrators’ actions.

He stated those who illegally occupied the Legislative Council building and raised the colonial-era British flag should be “condemned as lawbreakers”.

He added that it was “hypocritical” of UK politicians to study the lack of democracy and civil rights in Hong Kong when, under British rule, there had been no elections nor the right to protest.

In response to allegations he had sided with the protesters, Mr. Hunt stated: “I was not supporting the violence, what I was saying is the way to deal with that violence is not by control.”

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