In Florida Due To Flesh-Eating Disease, Former Charleroi Resident Lynn Fleming Dies

In Florida Due To Flesh-Eating Disease, Former Charleroi Resident Lynn Fleming Dies

A 77-year-old woman was affected by flesh-eating bacteria and died nearly two weeks after she fell and scraped her leg while walking on a Florida beach, her family stated on Monday.

Wade Fleming told The Associated Press that his mother Lynn Fleming, who retired to Florida’s Gulf Coast, tripped and fell into the water on Coquina Beach while her family was visiting from Pittsburgh. The wound swelled up and continued to bleed, leading her to urgent care where she was appointed antibiotics and given a tetanus shot.

The woman was taken a day later to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with the flesh-eating disease and died on Thursday as a result of suffering two strokes and organ failure.

Lynn Fleming’s death matches the case of a 12-year-old girl from Indiana, who scraped her toe and contracted the same rare bacteria while vacationing last month in a Florida Panhandle beach. The bacteria grow in warm, salty water, and usually, are found in the South. Kylei Brown almost lost her leg and needs physical therapy to be able to walk again.

A retired bank teller from Charleroi, Lynn Fleming dreamed of moving to the area south of Tampa.

“She always wanted to move to Florida, but my dad was semi-retired and he was a charter boat captain,” he stated. “After he died, she pulled the trigger.”

Almost four years ago she moved to Ellenton, where she took walks, played cards and shared dinners with other retired friends from her singles club.

The day she scraped her leg she was taking one of her usual walks on the beach. Wade Fleming said the family didn’t think much of the cut, which was three-quarters of an inch. But the blood continued to flow down. Lynn Fleming asked her son and his family to her retirement community’s monthly dinner that night before they returned to Pittsburgh.

“You would never know that anything was wrong,” Fleming stated.

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