Oil tankers stop in the South, except in Vaca Muerta

The Petroleum Union of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa, led by Senator Guillermo Pereyra, decreed a 24-hour strike that will start on Tuesday at 8:00 pm.

This measure could affect the activity in Vaca Muerta where, since October 2018, the unconventional deposit remains shielded as a result of an agreement between the guild and the oil companies.

The senator confirmed that 90% of the employees of the sector in the Norpatagonia will join the measure.

The tankers announced that the parities scheduled for this week will also be suspended. The workers already raised last week to the companies in the Ministry of Labor that expect an increase of 30% and still remains to seal the agreement of parties.

“The fracture activities in Vaca Muerta are exempt from unemployment because it is technically very difficult to suspend them,” explained Pereyra.

Oil and gas extraction activities are also maintained with minimum guards, so the production process does not stop either, Clarín told business sources.

Vaca Muerta is under an agreement signed in October 2018 that shields its activity so that work stoppages do not affect its activity, as is the case with conventional areas.

The strike is in protest for the death of Ariel Marcelino Sajama (41), which occurred on Monday in the Aguada del Chivato area operated by the Medanito company. In the last weeks there have also been three other injuries in the area of ​​Bajo del Choique-La Invernada.

“The death of a worker and three injured, one of them seriously, clearly show a process of relaxation of security measures by companies. It can not be that in order to advance, leave the worker aside, “said Pereyra.

“We demand that the necessary security measures be taken to guarantee the life and well-being of the workers. It seems that we were preaching in the desert because the companies only care about complying with the times and are distracted when taking measures to protect colleagues. This can not continue like this, “he added.

The senator said that on Tuesday he will hold a meeting with the Mesa Vaca Muerta in Buenos Aires, of which the oil companies, union representatives and provincial and national officials are taking part to discuss the issue of security.

“At any moment we are going to have one dead, last year we already had four,” said the mayor of Rincon de los Sauces, Marcelo Rucci.

The trade unionists point to the high hourly load required by the operators that work in the Neuquén Basin. At present, the workers occupy fourteen days in the wells for seven in their homes.

“(We ask) that the maximum is four days (of work) for two days of rest or six days for three days of rest,” explained Pereyra.

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